An immersive weekend in the fascinating musical world of long ago! Concerts, workshops, and a banquet are on offer, led by passionate and renowned musicians, gifted in transmitting the breadth of their expertise with generosity and enthusiasm. An experience for music-lovers and musicians and singers of all levels, for those who wish to participate actively or simply to listen and discover the beauty and lively spirit of medieval music England was born during the Middle Ages. So was its ambivalent relationship with Europe. Invaded by Vikings and Normans and ruled by Danes and Plantagenets, even its church was under Papal authority. For most of the Middle Ages, England’s official languages were French and Latin. And yet, the medieval English populace was a melting pot of Celtic, Nordic and continental cultures; the English language, left to its own devices, absorbed it all. And while wars raged between English and European monarchs, English culture had its own trajectory. Medieval English poetry and musical composition, both sacred and secular, were greatly influenced by continental trends, but they also developed their own distinctive flavour. By the end of the Middle Ages, it was continental composers such as Dufay, who borrowed from this “Contenance Angloise”.

OCTPBER 18 & 19

Unfolding of the event

Friday October 18th, 8 PM: Concert by Ensemble Reverdies Montréal: Miri it is - The evolution of medieval English song.

Saturday October 19th, 9:30 AM to 5 PM: Workshop for all with Reverdies Montréal.

Saturday October 19th, 6 PM: Concert by Ensemble La Rotta (Performers: Esteban La Rotta: lute; Elinor Frey: viola da arco; Kerry Bursey: voice): The Most Beautifull Rose - Songs of beauty, love and devotion from Engla-land

Saturday October 19th, 7:30 PM - 10 PM: Medieval banquet and dance for all!